Topics of the EMBT Conference

First hand operating experience of Multiphase Pumps from around the world
New Aspects of Multiphase Metering
and Flow Simulation
Multiphase Flow distribution for pumps
operating in parallel
Material selection in light of corrosion envisaged
Fatigue strength evaluation on corrosion affected pump components
On-going R&D projects in Multiphase Transport Technology and Multiphase Networks
Presentation of research results as well as newly developed strategies

Why should I attend?

Research & Development Multiphase projects covering topsides, offshore and subsea
Knowledge transfer – “first hand and competent”
Fascinating variety of subjects in its broadest sense
Practice-relevant applications from various oil and gas boosting projects
Expert discussions about Multiphase Boosting Technology at a high quality level
The EMBT Conference is solely content driven
Conference Key-Notes

EMBT Conference  

The EMBT Conference is a globally aligned event and, as the knowledge portal to the fast growing and increasingly important world of Multiphase Boosting Technology, is unique in its own way. Its broad spectrum of subjects and visitors representing a wide range of different disciplines and corporate levels, ensures a dynamic, lively and lasting discussion. The exchange of knowledge and expertise among the participants of the EMBT Conference is assured.













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