About EMBT

The EMBT Conference is the most important expert meeting place for Multiphase Boosting Technologies. While a substantial growth is expected, this event offers the entire spectrum of all applications in onshore, offshore and subsea areas. It is the target to accompany and promote this development in a professional and consistent manner. The successful conferences in 2006, 2008 and 2010 already were a great success and in continuing this a gap in knowledge transfer will be closed.

The EMBT Conference is a globally aligned event and, as the knowledge portal to the fast growing and increasingly important world of Multiphase Boosting Technology, is unique in its own way. Its broad spectrum of subjects and visitors representing a wide range of different disciplines and corporate levels, ensures a dynamic, lively and lasting discussion. The exchange of knowledge and expertise among the participants of the EMBT Conference is assured. During the two days of the conference, decision makers and opinion leaders from oil and gas concerns, asset management, the services sector, support units and the field of engineering will have the opportunity to visualise the complete picture of current and future Multiphase Boosting Technology.

The EMBT Conference has been able to win the leading industry newspaper, Upstream, as a strategic partner and active promoter of the concept of a comprehensive Multiphase Boosting Knowledge Portal.