About Multiphase Boosting

Since the last 10 – 15 years Multiphase Boosting has evolved to become a valuable alternative to traditional surface separation facilities in oil and gas fields. It is understood as to add energy to the untreated well stream, thus boosting oil, water and gas altogether. By this the total production of single or a number of wells can be boosted to central facilities hence avoiding the installation of complex field separation systems, while the wellhead pressure at the same time is decreased.

The commercial benefits are obvious: Besides the incremental production of oil and gas due to optimised inflow performance, it is the reduction of investment and maintenance cost that account for the success. With no gas having to be flared anymore, environmental issues are an additional, nevertheless very important advantage.

The current number of multiphase boosters installed onshore, topsides and subsea is about 800 – 1000. This population is spread among +/- 100 operating companies in 40 countries around the world. But Multiphase Boosting offers new challenges - nearly daily – and this is what the EMBT Conference is about.