The Research & Development Path of the Multiphase Pump Technology - Specific Considerations

Since 2003 a full size test-rig has been operated in a German sour gas field. The target was to verify several new pump components, evaluate corrosive, erosive and abrasive wear, and to look into several control issues within an uninterrupted operating time of three years.

The Environment for Subsea Installations

The number of subsea installations of Multiphase Pumps is increasing worldwide. It is therefore vital to acknowledge the biological, physical, and hydrological influences on such a system, and to understand the ecological interaction between that system and the subsea environment.

Twin Screw Multiphase Pumps as a Tool for Reservoir Engineering

Currently worldwide oil recovery from existing reservoirs is limited to an average of about 20-40 % of the original oil in place. Thus enhanced recovery is a topic throughout the world. Multiphase Pumps installations using complex control features are envisaged to provide a highly dynamic tool to improve the reservoir performance increasing the ultimate recovery and favourably affecting project economics.

High Differential Pressure Boosting Using Twin Screw Multiphase Pumps in Series

A single well tie-in via an 8 inch 27 km onshore tie-back was enabled by two Twin-Screw Multiphase Pumps installed in series. This configuration assures the required discharge pressure, but moreover gave considerable power savings over 4 years of uninterrupted operation.

Increasing Pipeline Capacity by Using Multiphase Pumps

Offshore space, weight and power constraints made it necessary, to install the Multiphase Boosting System onshore. At the terminal the pipeline end pressure is reduced to enable increased flow to shore. Twice 100 % capacity are installed delivering 2500 m³/h continuously.

Multiphase Boosting Systems - An R&D Project Overview

Key Words for this Lecture: Long Distance Power Transmission and Speed Control - Power Generation - Power Enhancement by Process Pre-Compression for Multiphase Boosting Systems

Heavy Crude Oil Multiphase Applications in Venezuela

The use of multiphase pumping systems in heavy crude oil applications like Venezuela are a challenge for twin screw multiphase pumps.Many pumps are installed in Venezuela to handle this service and the number of pumps is increasing continuously.

Annulus Vapor Recovery in Canadian Heavy Oil Applications

In CSS (Cyclic Steam Stimulation) operations the venting of the casing annulus is essential for environmental and economic reasons. Besides the recovery of steam and hydrocarbons, the efficiency of the downhole pumping process is increased. Multiphase Boosting systems applied in such an environment need to be thought over carefully in order to satisfy the process requirements.

Modelling Twin-Screw Multiphase Pumps - A Realistic Approach to Determine the Entire Performance Behaviour

For the first time a mathematical model for Twin-Screw Multiphase Pumps has been developed and simultaneously been calibrated by using a three-phase test loop powered by full scale Mulitphase Pumps. Emphasis has been put on internal process-related interfaces to understand the complex mechanisms affecting the overall performance and efficiency.

Corrosive, Erosive and Abrasive Wear in Twin-Screw Multiphase Pumps

A specific test facility has been designed and set-up in order to evaluate the various wear mechanisms affecting the performance of multiphase twin-screw pumps. Tests were conducted to verify characteristic wear patterns found during field operations. Operating envelopes are developed to countervail those influences.

Parametrical Analysis and Design Optimisation of Key Twin-Screw Multiphase Pump Components

The transient operating conditions as well as the required pump pressure rating call for special attention to the service strength and reliability of key Multiphase Pump components. In order to carry out the necessary proofs of competence with manageable effort, it is aimed to describe the relevant effects in terms of parametrical models. In contrast to the conventional finite elements approach, the parametrical description enables the pump manufacturer to easily design each single pump for its individual requirements, which in the end leads to financial and safety benefits for the customers

Condition Monitoring as a Tool to increase Availability of Multiphase Pumps

Condition Monitoring of Multiphase Boosting Systems is an innovative way to cut operating cost, by increasing system availability. The entirely transient boosting process with its variety of parameters and installations are challenges to be overcome. By intelligently processing the operating- and component condition data and using modern electronic and communication measures the above can be achieved.

Mittelplate - Boosting Offshore to Shore

When hydrocarbons are produced in environmentally sensitive areas such as the tidewaters of the eastern North Sea, a variety of additional challenges arise. Oil to shore was firstly done by means of barge transportation, causing the risk of several days per annum of no deliveries. Debottlenecking was achieved with a burried pipeline to shore, while using Multiphase Boosting Systems. This scenario will also serve the anticipated production increase resulting from new seismic data and subsequent additional wells to be drilled.

World Records in Water Depth and Tie-Back Distance - The BP King Project

The King field is located 29 kilometers from the Marlin TLP / Gulf of Mexico in water depths ranging from 1500 to 1700 m. This is currently the deepest water depth and longest step-out for subsea multiphase pumping. This technology is foreseen as a fit for projects involving boosting of low pressure wellstream from subsea tiebacks, tail-end-production for increased oil recovery and greenfield developments.

Multiphase Boosting - A Global Perspective

Chevron a pioneer in multiphase technologies has many installations in Venezuela and Bakersfield California. A continuous support during the complete development path was accompanied with all innovations to bring this technology to a marketable status.

Plant Tour and Demonstrations

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