Dr. Oliver Klein

Institute for Failure Analysis and Failure Prevention, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Germany
Dr. Oliver Klein works as Sr. Research Engineer at the Institute for Failure Analysis and Failure Prevention and is based in Hamburg, Germany. He has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and was awarded a Doctorate degree for his research in field material optimization in multiphase twin screw pumps in 2007. In his position, Dr. Klein was responsible for conducting the technical research of the ISSV as a partner in the MPA (“Multiphase Pump Aggregate”) project involving several universities and industrial companies. He is currently conducting and overseeing the research activities of the ISSV in the MPT (“Multiphase Pumping Technology”) project. Along with his research activities, Dr. Klein is a lecturer at the Helmut Schmidt University and he conducts failure analysis studies for corrosion based failures in the industry.