Prof. D. Mewes

Institute of Process Engineering,
Professor Mewes graduated as Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.) from the Technical Uni-versity of Berlin in Mechanical Engineering/Verfahrenstechnik in 1966. After finishing his PhD and Habilitation with Professor Brauer, he left Berlin in 1973 and started his career with Degussa AG. During the next ten years he held several positions in re-search, project engineering, production and maintenance in Hanau, Antwerp and Mo-bile. In 1979 he became Vice President Engineering of Degussa Corp., USA, and two years later he became Director of Engineering Research at Degussa Hanau/Wolfgang. In 1982 he followed a call to the Chair of Process Engineering (Verfahrenstechnik) at the Leibniz University of Hannover. In 2006 he retired after 24 years of teaching and research in the subjects of multiphase flow, transport processes of momentum, heat and mass coupled with chemical reactions, tomographic measurement methods, rheologie and polymer technology as well as chemical and nuclear reactor safety. There are more than 70 PhD students from his former Institute. He wrote two books, published his results in more than 195 articles in international refereed journals. He holds the title of “doctor honoris causa” from the University of Chemical and Metallurgi-cal Technology of Sofia, received the Arnold-Eucken Medal from the Society of Chemi-cal Engineering (GVT) in 2000, the Erich-Konrad Medal from the German Caoutshouc Society (DKG) and the Ernest-Solvay Prize from the Ernest-Solvay Foundation in 2006.