Voith Turbo

As a leading Specialist for power transmission and a solid, competent partner of customers all over the world. Voith Turbo is synonymous with fairness, innovative power and reliability in a wide variety of applications.          

Voith Turbo is for example the leading manufacturer of hydrodynamic variable-speed drives i.e. variable-speed couplings, geared variable-speed couplings and torque converters.

They are used in power generation, in the oil and gas industries on- and offshore, to control pumps, compressors and fans as well as to start up gas turbines.

In short, wherever maximum operating safety and precise, high control dynamics at lowest operating and maintenance effort are required.

Subsea solutions

For the drive and speed control of the subsea multiphase pumps Voith Turbo designed a new subsea variable speed drive, which is located between a fixed speed motor and the pump.

The drive, which is based on the hydrodynamic torque converter principle, is designed to transmit up to 10 MW. The new drive concept offers significant capital cost savings and increased reliability compared to conventional variable
frequency technology.

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