Multiphase Pumps for High Pressure Applications

Following safety rules of the oil & gas industry, multiphase pumps have to be designed according to the pressure rating of the connected pipelines. In case of pressure ratings exceeding 100bar, alternative concepts become more attractive from technical and commercial point of view. This paper discusses different technical concepts for multiphase pumps, starting with the normal Multiphase Pump Compressor (MPC) for up to 100bar, going to the Multipurpose Twinscrew Machine (MTM) with a 150bar pressure rating to the Canned Multiphase Pump Cartridge (CMPC) which can be built to fulfill most requirements, typical ratings are 350 bar, 500bar and 1000bar. The high pressure pumps are new devlopments, based on the experience with subsea technology. High pressure rating, high differential pressure and very long MTBF intervals are some of the special features, taken from the subsea pumps (SMPC).