Magnetic Resonance for the Future; A New Methodology to Measure Multiphase Flow

No multi-phase flow meter is currently available on the market that can be installed on well heads and satisfies the need of the energy sector in terms of accuracy across a broad range of produced volumes and hydrocarbon properties and operational robustness. Consequently, a large number of oil-field installations are either insufficiently metered or rely on accurate, yet costly and operationally cumbersome test separators. Insufficient metering may result in suboptimal reservoir management and uncertainty in allocation of co-mingled production. 

This presentation describes a joint development of Krohne and Shell that targets provision of highly accurate, real-time quantification of flow rates for oil, water, and gas in multiphase flow using Magnetic Resonance Technology. Magnetic Resonance is intrinsically sensitive to flow; however, current applications to flow measurement are limited to very low flow rates that are inapplicable to oil-field applications. The Shell-Krohne development employs a new principle that enables robust 3-phase flow metering with a broader operating envelope than existing flow meters, has no sensors in the flow stream, no radioactive source, yet can be produced at sufficiently low cost to promote increasing numbers of well head installations